Haute Astrology

By Starsky + Cox

Week of May 20th through May 26th

BORN THIS WEEK  Stevie Nicks (May 26, 1948)

"If Gemini men are Peter Pans, the women are Tinkerbells: beautiful manipulators, mixed messengers and messers of minds. “I need you to love me”…. “Stand back, stand back.” "

Gemini is the premier air sign, ruled by winged Mercury, the dualistic messenger god of words and gossip. Rumors aside, Nicks, a speech communication major in college, has been a solo singer-songwriter sensation, noted for her airy-fairy style, since releasing her 1981 record Bella Donna—a title asserting a twin Gemini theme of beauty and danger.  If Gemini men are Peter Pans, the women are Tinkerbells: beautiful manipulators, mixed messengers and messers of minds. “I need you to love me”…. “Stand back, stand back.” Tinkerbell, and Gemini women, draw on the mythological archetype of Eris, the goddess of discord. Feeling snubbed for not being invited to a party of gods and goddesses, Eris lobbed an apple into the mixer with the words “for the fairest among you” scrawled on it. Cut to the chase: The result was all-out Trojan war, involving Helen of Troy, the real twin of Pollux—they hatched from one of two eggs their mother Leda layed after she was laid by Zeus in the guise of a swan—in the other egg were the mortal twins Castor and Clytemnestra. Castor and Pollux are immortalized as the constellation of Gemini. Oh, and speaking of that goddess Eris. We shared an elevator with Stevie Nicks at the Waldorf Astoria once. Someone told her that Edgar Bronfman, Jr. was in the hotel. To which she replied, “I’d like to throw a b–b into his room.” Stand back, indeed. Other double-edged Gemini babes born this week: Helena Bonham-Carter, Naomi Campbell, Joan Collins, Pam Grier, Anne Heche, Lauryn Hill, Jewel, Peggy Lee, Lisa Lopes.


An unresolved situation comes back to bite you, or you it. With the Solar Eclipse Sunday, you’ll take another crack at a creative, and ultimately lucrative, career opportunity you let fall by the wayside. We taste metal, which means some serious coin; it can also suggest working with minerals. Not fracking. It will be something you semi-tried before.  Mars’ break from Neptune, Tuesday, facilitates the articulation of your imagination, making it pleasing to do so and palatable to others. It’s a great time to sculpt, really or metaphorically.


Don’t bite off more than you can chew or pick battles you’re not guaranteed to win. With the Solar Eclipse Sunday, you’re bound to be nervier than usual, and to overextend your reach—just as you push for popularity, seeking credit for knowing the right people, places and things that constitute being on the pulse. Don’t try to impress or top others, instead appreciate their accomplishments and discoveries. This results in more friends to play with and gaining the kind of power that stems from not wanting or asserting…anything.


With the Sun in your sign and Solar Eclipse Sunday, the universe is kicking your hiney. Just as professional opportunities are on offer, personal issues require loving attention. Trust: Tending to self, first, means you’ll better fulfill your destiny callings. The real work is getting body and mind tiptop. That cosmic PR agent, Mercury, also hits Gemini on Thursday, tempting you to spin yourself as some strung-out genius. Don’t do it. It only makes a sad impression. There’s nothing cool about spinning down. Health is where it’s at.


Selfless acts are anything but now, as the Solar Eclipse, Sunday, makes you blurry on this point: You end up draining others’ time and energy by so-called sacrificing to a cause, as it seems others have to pick up the slack you create in shirking existing obligations. Want to contribute? Be ridiculously selfish and, thus, wholly independent. The Cancer Moon opposing Pluto, Wednesday, urges you to reach beyond career comfort zones. Telling the nanny to remind the assistant to contact the decorator is not considered outreach.


The Solar Eclipse, Sunday, invokes mystical assistance in realizing hopes and wishes. You see that so-called failures of late created opportunities for achieving greater goods, both real and metaphoric. Only you, and your infamous histrionics, stand in the way. Laying blame on others stops the cosmic action. So thank those you say stood in your way—they’ve sped you toward better fulfillment. What you’ve learned is you’ve more to learn in your field of interest, and that anger is only frustration at your own inertia.


Those who claim you’re too self-absorbed to care about the rest of humanity get hip to the fact you have a social conscience. The Solar Eclipse, Sunday, reprioritizes your views on what constitutes civil rights versus so-called privileges. Such that even ruling-class Virgos join the 99% of the populous seeking equality. You could also quit hogging the limelight or the covers for that matter. With Mercury in Gemini, Thursday, expect deep discussions on the home front. Cats come out of the bag, especially if you’re half in one.


With the Solar Eclipse, Sunday, a lateral move is in the offing, providing opportunity to trail blaze new frontiers under an existing career auspice. On the home front, you must work your way down that to-do list, while jettisoning or giving away little-used items. Matter is energy, remember, and you can create vibrational momentum by ridding yourself of aptly named stuff. Mercury moving into Gemini, Thursday, inspires a new course of study, particularly in areas of mystery, from the occult to chemistry to crime.


Despite impulses to do so, avoid overanalyzing or planning life down to the last detail. With the Solar Eclipse, Sunday, focus must be totally outward, objective and creative. With no second-guessing, throw every idea into the ether, unconcerned with what might stick. Myriad projects you’ve procrastinated doing come flying out of you, changing the headline: you don’t dally but rather incubate several enterprises at once, launching them all in quick succession. You generate more this week than most produce in a year.


Intense emotions bubble to the surface as you probe deeply psychological issues in close relationships. You mine for truth, refusing to gloss over situations for appearance’s sake. And with Mercury in Gemini by Thursday, you’re wont to say a lot on the subject of others’ honesty, or lack thereof. Expect overreactions to your frank assessments, which can sting. Though you are forgiving, some can’t bear the notion of disappointing you. So it may be better to remain silent, letting others squirm in the beds of lies they’ve made.

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You’re attracted to others in whom you see qualities that are untapped or need developing in you. This can deflate your ego or spark competitive antics. With the Solar Eclipse, Sunday, resist such urges and allow yourself to be inspired and find your own like expression, eschewing urges to graft behavior that will read as affectation. The Cancer Moon opposing Pluto, by Wednesday, allows finances to flow more freely. Life feels less like an exercise in survival and more like a game of chance whereby lady luck smiles.


Buckling down to tie-up loose ends is key to lightening your mental load. Even so-called meaningless work can stimulate your imagination if executed with total presence of mind and zero dread. With the Solar Eclipse, Sunday, inventory of real and creative assets should be taken, putting accounting of the past by rights, and plopping cached intellectual property on the market. Mercury in Gemini, by Wednesday, makes you, at turns, desirous of both luxury and monkish asceticism, bidding you strike a balance between the two.


You’ve been hedging bets, having let go of a vine of security while not yet glimpsing another swinging your way. But your active faith is paying off as the Solar Eclipse now provides a bump in professional recognition. Mars detaching from Neptune, by Tuesday, inspires a synchronicity, whether it be a spontaneous run-in with a long-lost someone on your mind or a kindred soul, newly met, who’s been living a sort of parallel life. You mightn’t realize it, but your ancient blues that emerge in periodic bouts are being lifted.

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