Haute Astrology

By Starsky + Cox

Week of May 13th through May 19th


Jasper Johns (May 15, 1930)

"Materiality is a Taurus watchword, and Johns incorporated various media into his work. Only a Taurus could create a Bull’s Eye worth millions."

Taurus is ruled by feminine Venus. The fact that many Taurus guys like girly garb not withstanding, Taurus runs counterpoint to the objective, forthright energy of masculine Mars ruled Aries, the sign that precedes it. In contrast to the brash, dispassionate, macho individualism of the abstract expressionists, Jasper Johns’ neo-Dadaist work is ironic, obscure, subjective and totally Taurean. A precursor to the Pop artists, Johns elevated elemental symbols like the American Flag and numbers to iconic status, while obscuring associative assignations through lush, textural treatments of his paintings’ surfaces. Materiality is a Taurus watchword, and Johns incorporated various media into his work. Only a Taurus could create a Bull’s Eye worth millions. In our book Sextrology the first sentence of the Taurus man chapter is Dude the obscure. Such dudes born at this time who come at art or ideas from unique and oblique angles: Stephen Colbert, David Byrne, George Carlin, Salvador Dali, Brian Eno, Dennis Hopper, Harvey Keitel, Joey Ramone, Peter Tchaikovsky, Pete Townsend, Malcolm X and Mark Zuckerberg.

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With Jupiter and the Sun paired up, it’s high time to stop feeling sorry for certain people. There is nothing wrong and everything right about the moves loved ones are busting; so your poor-them attitude isn’t fitting, it’s condescending. As is that tone in your voice. So instead of “worrying” about others, realize you may be projecting your own fears of failure onto them. And about those fears: you’ll have less of them the more you practice self-sufficiency instead of searching for caretakers. What kind of Aries are you, anyhow?


As Venus retrogrades by Tuesday, relationships pose challenges but present chances for growth. Saturn trine Venus combines the discipline of the former with the pleasure of the latter. Master-servant inversions aside, you realize ground rules in love make for a happier twosome. The single among you may go for, or play the role of, older wo/man. Public image wise, you should project a highly honed, organized, reserved and somewhat stoical persona. You now catch more flies with reticence than you do with exuberance.


You seek soul asylum, feeling more vulnerable than usual. Kicking off with a Grand Trine of Mars, Pluto and Mercury, the week should see you bolstering defenses, nurturing health with rest and monkish ways, as well as activating your psychic shield against would-be detractors. Secure a home base that better sustains creative efforts. Where you once felt prized as the holdout edgy life-stylist, you now gain points for being what you might consider boring. And yet a whole new world of admirers begs to differ.


Of all the signs, we might have the most concern for you. Venus retrograde by Tuesday spaces you out. Thoughts being overwhelming, you’d just as soon not think them. You’re purposefully bubble-headed, seeking to protect a fragile nervous system from the effects of pondering life’s big pictures. By Friday you feel an urge to identify with a collective, initiating positive reform in social practices. Seeking company for a common, meaningful purpose with others is so much better than going to gatherings just to blitz out your brain.


Enough of your threatening to be a self-starter; now marks a turning point when you either do it or shut it. A mash-up of the Sun and Jupiter urges you to embrace the truth about money: though it isn’t the root of all evil, the love of it is. Having done things solely for dosh has left you feeling soul-y depleted. And friends who are bosses, or vice versa, may take advantage of your personal connection. With friends like these…well, you know the rest. Take a leap of faith, even if it means jumping ship. We’ll catch you.


Expect a week of learning and honing talents via exposure to external, some exotic, influences. With a Grand Trine of Mercury, Mars and Pluto, adventure is in the air, whetting your appetite, which has been lagging. You now embark on a vision quest that refocuses intellectual drives for the coming year. What do you most want to learn? Joy stems from feeding a curiosity with its roots in your childhood. Likely, it has to do with philosophy or even metaphysics. Venus retrograde signals jolly reunion with a mentor.


Subconscious rumblings scream for examination. Here’s a clue to speed your couch trip: Unrest stems from past burned bridges and untaken roads. The upshot is: It’s not too late. With Venus going retrograde, by Tuesday, you must forgive yourself (for everything) to avoid repeating self-defeating behavior. The Jupiter-Sun conjunct is forging new solo ventures. You simply have to be okay with not knowing, yet, what they are. Trust that they involve travel—and so long as you heed your edgy emotions, it needn’t be to rehab.


Teaming with people on projects is now the best way to realize them. With a Grand Trine of Mars, Pluto and Mercury you also get some life lessons along the way. Be on guard, against co-dependence, giving and taking equally from bonds. Venus retrograde by Tuesday means separate projects you spearheaded, amid others’ pooh-poohing, are now valued by those who see a profit in them. Don’t be talked into including such Johnny Come Latelys. Retain ultimate control and reap the full benefit your little ol’ self.


Exacting an agenda isn’t easy at present. Ironic, since you’re suffused with all forward intention, courtesy of the Sun-Jupiter conjunct. Hopefully, reading this, you’ll cool your jets for a spell, remaining ultra flexible in the face of, mainly, putting out a lot of fires. Prepare to tweak deadlines and change players to reach your aims. Be a benevolent dictator, expecting nothing from others that you yourself won’t give. Those who can’t cope with flux won’t make the cut in the creative/career dream-team you’re assembling.


A Grand Trine of Mars, Pluto and Mercury provides facility to function within large-groups, easing difficulties with communication. This move fosters an overall relaxed attitude that is tailor-made to realizing short-term goals. Technical snafus and mechanical mishegoss work themselves out as you learn more about what makes physical machinery tick. Indeed, you experience a childlike enthusiasm for modern-day innovations, especially when faced with young fuddy-duddies intent on maintaining the status quo.


This week brings catharsis. With the Sun conjunct Jupiter and square to Neptune, shocking events of the past are finally being processed. This releases emotional blocks, eventually leading to a spiritual rebirth of sorts. Your personal experience has universal resonance, and you benefit, even financially, from sharing feelings surrounding the string of, if mild, traumas affectionately known as your childhood. If you learn anything now, it’s that you heal through your creative expression, finding humor somewhere in horror.


You’ve heard us say, “Diversity is the Mother of Compassion.”™ And with the Sun squaring ruler Neptune, you’re compelled to embrace cultural influences outside your, lately rarified, sphere. Taking a stand for the marginalized may rankle those clinging to moldering traditions, but convention is feeling strangely like incarceration. Besides, where you once felt a need to kowtow to those you earmarked as patrons, you may sever such support for the sake of your own ideological freedom and the social liberty of others.

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