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By Starsky + Cox

BORN THIS WEEK Wes Anderson (May 1, 1969)

"Bull men are more poised and graceful than threatening and rough-and-tumble; and they exhibit a certain flair, an eleganza, in their appearance."

The feminine principle, planet Venus’s affect on Taurus males manifests physically, as befits this grounded earth sign. Bull men are more poised and graceful than threatening and rough-and-tumble; and they exhibit a certain flair, an eleganza, in their appearance. They draw on the archetypes of the subjective, self-reflective pretty-boy “flower gods”— Hyacinth, Narcissus and Adonis. Wes Anderson follows in the rather pastel hoof prints of other Bull dandies like Valentino, Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Duke Ellington, Irving Berlin, Jimmy Stewart, James Mason, Richard Avedon, Liberace, David Byrne, Pierce Brosnan, Dennis Rodman, John Waters, Pete Townsend, sharing a carefully cultivated appearance, if not a high-pitched vocality, with some beefcake contemporaries like David Beckham, George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, Channing Tatum, Djimon Hounsou, Enrique Iglesias, David Boreanaz, Cory Monteith, Tom Welling and Kaká (B.S., pun intended?).


You’re getting (back?) in touch with your body. If planning a new fitness regime, you just might stick to it this time as the last ditch mash-up of Mercury and Uranus in Aries lends teeth to good intentions. The trick is to be less focused on making alterations and more on appreciating yourself as you are, each moment. If debating whether to kick or cool a questionable habit, do it now. Pluto’s square to Uranus amplifies the power of the process of elimination. The removal of indulgences is far more noticeably beneficial than usual.


Laying low, you’re recharging the old batteries, plotting your next diva/o move. Venus trine Saturn kicks extra-sensory perception into gear. Instincts are razor sharp about new faces in your social landscape. You could lambast some in your midst for Machiavellian maneuvers, but try to resist and rise above. Be thankful you’re more “conscious” about life and human relationships than the next beatch. You might be self-absorbed, but rest safe in the knowledge you’re not taxing others, as others do!, with your private struggles.


With Mercury opposing Saturn, you feel a surge in creativity. Not that you need produce anything new. In fact, now is about remerchandising existing talents and wares—doing what you already do, with fuller force. So remember, when you’re about to throw in the artistic or intellectual towel, that there is an appreciative audience just on the horizon. Venus in Gemini soothes negative effects of self-reflection, allowing you objectivity about yourself, thus enabling you to push forward without concern for how you’re seen.


You’re becoming quite the philosopher, parlaying your street cred into credos that sustain you and others. Indeed, you are turned to, non-stop, now, for advice; but you can release nuggets of wisdom, like a Plato Pez dispenser, without being dragged down, or into drama. Building to a Full Moon after midnight, Saturday, you brim with big ideas. Don’t waste the grace—write them all down. You mightn’t get to some light bulbs for years. But they will keep. And feel free to suggest a series of wisenheimers to the Pez people.


Connect the dots. The Sun-Jupiter conjunct offers a clear outline for networking your way out of any stifling hives trying to assimilate you. In so doing, you bump into synchronistic signposts pointing to new creative paths. You have a me-first attitude and a matching spring in your step. Former mentors who never let you forget the so-called legs up they’ve granted you are now in debt to your kindness, let alone your determination to make them look good. By Saturday, you plot to repay those who’ve done all this for you.


Tempests are mounting inside you, as Mercury opposes Saturn. Strive for healthy detachment. Though it feels quite the opposite, embody this mantra: Nothing is personal. You do yourself a disservice by fighting affronts with terrible, swift retorts. Take advantage of Saturn’s disciplinary effect on Mercury by wording business plans and artful missions. It might feel like someone is speaking through you. You have the strength, now, to curb excesses and embrace a certain asceticism, which your soul desires.

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Your accessory “don’t” this week is a pair of rose-colored glasses. Sure, climate change seems delightful. Political unrest may promote progress. The soaring price of fossil fuels could inspire alternative-energy initiatives. We like positive spin as much as the next oracle, but don’t be such a sappy Pollyanna. Rage a bit, will you, against the machine. With Mercury opposing Saturn, you are asked to take a stand, gosh-darn-it. Yours are not opinions to be kept to yourself, but sage words cum instruments for sweeping change.


A Grand Trine of Sun, Mars and Pluto portends widespread reaction in whatever you put out there. We’re talking scope for career/creative initiatives; but we mean karma, too, of the instant kind. There’s no such thing as an isolated incident. So tip the waiter well, lest he kill your licensing deal. En route to a Scorpio Full Moon early next Sunday, whatever you focus on magnetizes. If you want to fixate on feeling undervalued, be our guest. If you want to appreciate your talents and unique beauty, then get ready for your close-up.


Things fall nicely into place with ruler Jupiter conjunct the Sun. Of course this means you’re terrified of the other shoe dropping. It won’t. So free yourself from worry and let life meet you half way, materializing hopes and wishes. You may be negotiating living and working in a number of places; or the wearing of multiple chapeaux, from banker’s bowler to artist’s beret. Of all the signs, you’re in the best financial shape and the most fearful of it all going poof. Investing in tangibles like real estate and art fights the fright.


Legacy looms large and you recognize how you are evolving into a more traditional role. Tradition. Such a Capricorn word. And yet, if you think back on some of the wild ideas, not to mention the fashions, that were floated out there in times gone by, you might well see yourself in context of descending from a long line of wildly imaginative maverick entrepreneurs and social mavens. Mercury opposing Saturn bodes well for ongoing deals that might suddenly wrap up in a snap. Out on a limb, artistically, is the safest place to be.


The break up of Mercury’s conjunct with Uranus is what’s sparking enthusiasm. You have gained much spiritual muscle, becoming more at ease with life’s ephemera, that you now ace psychological tests put before you. Family may converge, ancient roles being played, but you don’t possess the same old buttons ripe for pushing. A solo vocation beckons, one with which you can make an enduring mark. Venus trine Saturn makes light work of getting started. Funds ease as you prize freedom over ownership, exposure over isolation.


Leading up to the Full Moon at week’s end, you feel a mounting 360-degree need for personal evolution, as a creative, in career, alone, and in relationships. You’re blessed with the ability to carve out professional niches and to experience romance that remains free of attachment. But you must break out of cul-de-sacs in work and challenge yourself to be with those who require more commitment. A buddy may threaten to give you the boot, or is it the kick in the pants you need to learn that friendship is a gift, not a given?

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