Haute Astrology

By Starsky + Cox

Week of April 15th through 21st

BORN THIS WEEK  Charlie Chaplin  April 16, 1889

"Aries men feel rooted in the physical almost to a fault, erroneously thinking it preempts a sense of spirituality."

The sign of Aries rules the Zodiac’s first house, that concerned with the physical body, among other attributes. Little wonder that the sign of the Ram boasts a roster of athletes and dancers and other such corporeal geniuses like Chaplin, Bill Irwin, Marcel Marceau, Jackie Chan, Harry Houdini, Eric Idle, Harold Lloyd, Martin Short and Matthew Barney, whose Cremaster Cycle centered on the cremaster muscle, a distinguishing factor of male gender. Planet Mars rules Aries and its recognizable shield and spear symbol represents the Masculine Principle in the cosmos, gracing every mensroom door in the universe. Aries men feel rooted in the physical almost to a fault, erroneously thinking it preempts a sense of spirituality. Need we remind them: Buddha was an Aries, and the tenet of the religion that sprung up around him was centered on Self, another key first-house aspect.

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With Mars now direct, career reputation is paramount. And garnering a great one depends on an ability to specialize, distinguishing yourself from the pack. You change your professional headline for the better by stepping up to take increased responsibility on the work front. The Sun trine Mars gives you the edge in competitions. This may also signal a breakthrough for a partner you’ve helped see through a struggle with emotional issues. Being there for others requires being fully present, yourself, which has its own rewards.


Now is about divining fine lines between being investigative and suspicious, sacrificing and victimized, meditative and just plain old lazy. With Venus detaching from other planets, people see you without a gauzed lens. Faults become visible so you can work to eradicate them. It is helpful to listen to advice being given by colleagues in your field. Ask questions. And not just rhetorical ones. The Sun in your sign by Thursday reawakens dormant conflicts with loved ones. Issues need to be wrestled, so to pin down resolutions.


Expect the unexpected as Uranus is again conjunct ruler Mercury, bringing offers, breaks, prospects out of the ether. Well, almost. You must meet chance half way, plopping yourself into milieus that best suit you, making direct contact with those whose hands you’d like to shake. And speak the truth. This is not a time to manipulate or skulk into situations sideways, attempting to give a false impression of nonchalance. As we approach the New Moon on Saturday, stifling feelings results in an explosion of them.


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You’re restless, shaking up the status quo wherever you encounter it. But you must beware of reckless actions and an abrupt demeanor, lest you alienate those whose favor you should value. Mars retrograde caused headbutting with clients or colleagues, fueled by friction on the homefront. With Mars direct you might apologize to those you scapegoated over the past two months. The New Moon Saturday promises new beginnings that bring great success. That is, if you make amends for past misdeeds.


First impressions count for a lot now. The Sun enters a Grand Trine with Mars and Pluto, this week, giving you X-ray vision into people’s hearts and minds. And you’re likewise transparent. This may shock those used to your being a closed book. There are folks who counted you in their corner, without question. Full disclosure of your opinions challenges them to change. By Saturday, expect the return of someone who has gone far afield. You may find that he, she or v has outgrown old customs—something new you two can share.


Though you’re loath to admit it, you possess certain biases, which we can safely say are vestiges of childhood conditioning. Mercury conjunct Uranus reveals how characters you quickly judged as unsavory are sweet. Mars direct in Virgo urges you to dust off a project you poured and sweated over, then prematurely shelved. There is gold in them thar ideas. By Saturday’s New Moon, you possess true grit to overcome negative naysayers you’ve let get under your skin. Resist the urge to get chummy as they try now to sidle up to you.


Objectivity is key to short-term success. Analyze deals and offers carefully, employing all the reason you can muster. Put a lid on emotions and repeat this mantra unceasingly: Nothing’s personal. You’re in the business of discernment. And Saturn’s opposition to the Sun spotlights would-be empty promises and “perfect” situations being presented to you by those hoping you’ll sign over power or fork over dough. When the schmoozy and solicitous say you’re being silly or paranoid rest assured you’re dodging egg in the face.


Put stock in your emotional intelligence and avoid prospects that give you agita, no matter how good they look on paper. The burgeoning Grand Trine of Sun, Mars and Pluto manifests as feeling better in your skin, more balanced and agile—explains the increased stares on the street. This mashup also lends you a fierce subtlety, such that you can swing deals, nearly totally, in your favor and have jolly opponents thank you for it. Mars direct in Virgo inspires a need to put humanitarian concerns into selfless action.

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Your moral compass is right on track. Take that, insidious rumormongers suggesting you were doing anything underhanded. Rogue Jupiter expands your vistas and your vision. Many of you will embark for real. Others will voyage inwardly. Actually you will all do so, well aware that you are turning a corner in life, entering a fresh phase of increased financial success, renown and retreat, if not early retirement. By the New Moon, Saturday you see the myriad moving parts of your professional life beginning to operate in concert.


With the Sun opposing Saturn, fulfillment comes from checking duties off your list. A sense of completion always makes you happy, if not a bit smug. And we pity any poor foolish slackers who get on your bad side. A brewing Grand Trine of Sun, Mars and Pluto in your sign stresses the need for networking at a high level. So moisturize those elbows in preparation for some major rubbing. Just don’t try to grease anybody else’s in the process. Even casual promises can read like bribes. Offer nothing but all your ears.


Who says obsessions can’t be healthy? You now pinpoint creative callings, and nothing can keep you from devoting to them. Money and creature comforts take a back seat to expressing your soul in a meaningful way. With Uranus conjunct Mercury, career plans are more buzzy and exciting. You must own the fact that you have acquired great mastery in your profession, which cannot be taken from you. On the contrary, you now discover innumerable ways to market your wares, be they real or metaphoric, to maximize appeal.

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You know your own crazy. Articulating what that means, exactly, isolates unique selling points about you as an artist, a friend, a lover, or an asset to society. Mercury conjunct Uranus helps you communicate. Rogue Jupiter says making bank and spreading the wealth aren’t mutually exclusive. You’re also free to start planning moves around the globe, taking up suggestions to wing your way to uncharted places. Visiting unspoilt climes sows seeds for your own future, characterized as leading a more natural lifestyle.

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