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By Starsky + Cox

April 1-7, 2012

Born This Week     Marlon Brando  (April 3, 1924)

"The Ram has a raw animal appeal which is both a blessing and a curse. Many an Aries man will seek to transcend his so-called beastly nature, subjugating physical urges and impulses in favor of headier intellectual or spiritual pursuits."

One of the first things Blanche Du Bois says to Stanley Kowalski in A Street Car Named Desire is “I bet you were born under Aries”, which Stanley is not, but the actor who most famously portrayed him, Marlon Brando, decidedly is, being characteristically “forceful and dynamic.” Aries is ruled by planet Mars named for the Roman war god (Greek: Ares), representing the Masculine Principle, its shield and spear symbol recalling a stiffy with a full set of, shall we say, objective energy. And Aries men are, without irony, the most stereotypically male creatures on the astrological block. This he-man, man’s man, zodiac Alpha-male Aries is most likely to carry a mate off, caveman style, no matter his sexual preference. (Or else, he’s a bossy bottom, still making all the demands.) The Ram has a raw animal appeal which is both a blessing and a curse. Many an Aries man will seek to transcend his so-called beastly nature, subjugating physical urges and impulses in favor of headier intellectual or spiritual pursuits. This can cause a mind/soul-body disconnect lest Aries embraces his full, big, bad metaphysical self. Other hunks of Ram born this week: Alec Baldwin, Jackie Chan, Roger Corman, Russell Crowe, Robert Downey, Jr., Michael Fassbender, James Garner, Marvin Gaye, Heath Ledger, Gregory Peck, Spencer Tracy, Jack Webb, Colin Powell, Billy Dee Williams and Butch Cassidy.


This is a week of solace and reflection as the Sun releases its hold on Uranus. And the  Moon’s transit has a healing effect on your emotional reflexes. Take stock of ways you’ve overreacted to recent circumstances. Combined feelings of embarrassment, sadness and regret may surface. Let them. They will guide you in determining whether you’ve put yourself in situations that are beneath you or you’ve been operating under the specious notion that all situations are. Mercury direct Wednesday turns the sound up on intuition.


Hold fast to principles, especially negotiating joint financial deals or partnerships. You’re good at compromise, but you can concede too much now, as Venus T-squares Mars and Neptune. You’re quick to label newcomers rivals; but such characters might morph into life-long allies. So suspend judgment. You’re negotiating the pursuit of dreams against a daily grind. Frontloading creative callings is a good thing, but pulling financial weight must be part of the equation, if, in the end, you envision making a fortune from your art.


With Mercury popping out of retrograde by Wednesday, and Venus in Gemini from Tuesday, you personify beauty in precision, hitting marks and fulfilling obligations as if performing a well-choreographed dance. You’re stretching into uncharted professional territory, embracing innovative methods and new ideas or technology. Let this fuel your optimism: Keeping a positive attitude and being abundance conscious. Now is no time to skimp or short-change yourself. Get thee all the requisite props for hastening future goals.


This week is cosmically designed to inspire new ways of interacting with others. Mercury retrograde has made relations with family too close for comfort, while increasing xenophobia. But when that wee planet goes direct, Wednesday, you yearn for detachment from intimates; and you learn to soften boundaries in acquaintanceships. Your world thus feels less small. Fear of strangers is finally dissipating and a healthy terror of family sets in, breaking ties that unduly bind, freeing you to maneuver at-large.

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The Sun opposes Saturn by Friday, stripping you of go-to emotional comforts—co-dependents, agony Aunts, metaphoric anesthetics. You must tackle big issues on your own, developing armor in the process. Just in time for a career opportunity that would necessitate big change in your personal life. Such a move isn’t cut and dry. It involves family, or close relationships that you fear to hamper. Mercury direct helps illumine the fact that others are oh-so looking out for number one, giving you license to do likewise.


With Mercury direct by Wednesday you’re done trying to make situations work. Others may view this as abandoning ship. But not so much. Now is a lesson in authenticity. And it might seem harsh to onlookers, but you can’t pretend to abide circumstances you’re not really feeling. The Sun opposing Saturn, by Friday, is a call to financial action. Golden gooses haven’t materialized. So you focus on getting ducks in a row, paying down debts or cutting speculative losses. Unencumbered, life is less fraught—simpler—as you like it.


Emotions are portentous. But be careful not to brim over with elation into crashing melancholy. Venus in Gemini helps soothe nerves and raise self-esteem. While the Sun opposing Saturn in Libra is a wake-up call, urging you to take stock of inner-life complexities and to still your mind. The answers, and solace, is within. Seismic shifts in your psyche occur for the better. You are coming into successes, out of the shadows of others. Mercury direct, Wednesday, aligns personal intentions with divine providence.


With Venus in Gemini, you’re vigilantly disciplined, focusing less on results. Enjoying the process of realizing personal bests is the order of the week. Venus preempts rash moves with loved ones, suffusing you with diplomacy. And you could have a bit of fun attempting the seemingly impossible: Turning sworn enemies into allies, greedy gusses into gushers of generosity, and the high and mighty into humble servants. Your scope is increasingly global. And remember: Hope is the mother of eleventh-hour interventions.

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By the time Mercury goes direct, Wednesday, your public image or reputation may’ve taken a few hits, and you worry that yours is a faded glory. Nonsense. But do ask yourself if your faith isn’t a bit shaking—you can recall a time when you lived on an exclusive diet of the stuff—with the desired effect of reigniting a fire in your belly. After a wee retreat, at week’s end, you rise phoenix-like, exceeding highest expectations, even your own. The Sun opposing Saturn, by Friday, urges you to put spiritual philosophy into daily practice.


Shot through with enthusiasm, you aim to see your biggest ideas connect with the masses. With Mercury direct, by Wednesday, change is the only constant: There are major rejigs that need making to a creative project; and you must stick to an innovative agenda, steering clear of the status quo. The Sun opposing Saturn sees you hailed as a savior of sorts on the career front. Rolling up your sleeves to work as part of a team is not just great for morale; it allows you to diagnose and root out dysfunction before it creeps in.


There is a sense of laughing through tears, as you transition from one clearly defined epoch to another. The Sun releasing ruler Uranus from its grip frees you to embrace new programs and schedules, not to mention refresh your wardrobe and personal effects.  The truth is, you’re now graduating from a life of preparation to one of mastery, accepting the fact you are fully accomplished in a number of arenas. By Wednesday, when Mercury goes direct, you’re in command of lifelong lessons learned with witty wisdom to impart.


Time seems to magically expand in the face of looming deadlines. But don’t waste the grace—get your nose to that grindstone. Venus in Gemini allows you to channel ideas directly into being, if not usher them into the zeitgeist. Don’t wing anything. Perspiration is a key ingredient in what you’re creating. Even a dab’ll do you proud. Escaping into a social swirl is also ill-advised. It’s not just tucking in early, eating (or drinking) right that bolsters you. It’s knowing you’re taking care of yourself that boosts verve and confidence.

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