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By Starsky + Cox

March 25-31, 2012

Born This Week: Keira Knightley  March 26, 1985

"Those eyebrows! A symbol of wisdom, lest we forget Athena is also goddess of wisdom and prudent war. There is no outstrategizing an Aries lady on the battlefield of love or in the war of art. She plays the game of life to win and is not a good loser. "

Aries is ruled by planet Mars, the masculine principle, named for the war god. Aries women draw on the archetype of the war goddess, armor-clad Athena, who is in the top three most gorgeous female deities. She is also called Pallus (phallus); and she takes her own destiny and her own desires into her own hand, metaphorically speaking, wearing the pants in relationships. Athena is akin to Lilith, Adam’s “first wife” who was too bossy a babe for him to deal with. Remember the character Lilith of Frasier fame? or his brother Nile’s invisible but omnipotent wife Marris? a feminization of the name Mars. Television writers know their myths. And Aries women are living incarnations of these powerful female archetypes with their Hemingwayesque Lady Brett personalities, their signature slim-hipped tomboy physiques, their warrior-like energy, and their heavy-jawed and browed tough-girl gorgeousness. Those eyebrows! A symbol of wisdom, lest we forget Athena is also goddess of wisdom and prudent war. There is no outstrategizing an Aries lady on the battlefield of love or in the war of art. She plays the game of life to win and is not a good loser. Get your tweezers ready! In addition to Keira Knightly (armor clad indeed), here are some fierce Aries females born this week alone: Lady Gaga, Fergie, Catherine Keener, Lucy Lawless, Sandra Day O’Connor, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tatjana Patitz, Diana Ross, Amy Sedaris, Marina Sirtis, Kate Gosselin, Joan Crawford (okay she’s born March 23, but close enough and we couldn’t resist!)


You’re on a transformational trip, letting the Sun conjunct Uranus change the company you keep. With Mercury retrograde, your daily grind gets groovier. You put into practice ah-ha moments you’ve had about organizing your day, making time for more creative pursuits at off hours, sneaking in Om sessions—living in a manner that is more aligned with your soulful demands, not those of others. And yet, your intimate relationships perk up, while the single among you are being solicited for more than just a mindless tryst.


Access is granted to enclaves that were previously denied you. Ironically, you couldn’t care less. But, with the Moon starting off conjunct Jupiter in Taurus, beware of slicing off your nose to spite your face. Pass through open doors with gratitude not attitude. And don’t allude to past ill feelings. There are those who’d hang you on such words. Focus on showcasing  unique skills that distinguish you from the rest. Colleagues may claim you don’t play by the rules, while you are safe in the knowledge you’re rewriting them.


You must own true feelings and take action accordingly. With Venus gearing up to sextile Mercury, you can act the diva/o to a point. Just don’t then feign humility, or surprise, if you burn bridges in so doing. It’s okay to let others see you sweat. Maybe you think acting as if success comes easy makes you seem more talented.  Or, should you fall short of goals there’s an excuse: You didn’t give it your all. You’ll be happier admitting that any result isn’t for a lack of trying, and that others’ help in achievement is welcome.


Preservation is your watchword now. It applies to energy as well as time and money. The Moon-Jupiter mash-up prescribes allotting a set number of focused hours for any given project, disciplining yourself to put work down at the appointed time. Avoid superficial endeavors and event planning. Generous displays may be conspicuous consumption designed to inspire envy. Scan your conscience. If self-worth is unduly dependent on your purchasing power, it’s time to cultivate assets of intrinsic value you put on a shelf.


Seeds of promise are sprinkled in your path, but you can miss them unless you stay ultra-attuned. Mars opposing Neptune presents opportunities for healing. They come out of the blue. So be ready to accept those olive branches. Jupiter brings new people into your life, those for whom great success, and a desire to be of service to others, goes hand-in-hand. This is your tribe. Go the extra mile to foster such friendships. And watch the backs of the heads of the aura vampires in your life getting tinier and tinier as they sashay away.


Drop projects that are going nowhere and extricate yourself from commitments you over promised yourself to. Roll out new plans for achieving the one goal that is nearest and dearest to your heart. And don’t be in a hurry to do so. Retrograde Mercury makes best laid plans as solid as a sandcastle in the incoming tide. Knowing this should alleviate undue frustration. Solo endeavors are your safest bets. Communication is strained in relationships. Smiling and nodding is prescribed. That, and maybe separate vacations?

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Employ temperance in all things, avoiding overindulgence in celebration or self-deprivation. And no beating yourself up for falling short of expectations. With Venus entering sextile position to Mercury retrograde you’re apt to set the bar too high now, sucking all the should-be fun out of achieving. Besides, going on and on about so-called shortcomings smacks of a need for attention, more than overt bragging would. And this is the point: Things worth pursuing shouldn’t require outside reaction, one way or another.


Even in the face of leaner finances or seemingly dwindling prospects, you’re urged to give all the more. Mercury backtracking is a call to action in social, community or charitable aims. You have public opinion to sway, and signs say the only way to do so is through grass-roots action. Where social networking or eblasting fails, knocking on doors and shaking hands succeeds. Wednesday is best for making promotional pleas. You’re now honing skills and making contacts that generate your own future income.


The overriding feeling now is one of buyer’s remorse. You invested in a vision of life that served as an antidote to the conditions of your upbringing; but in a bid for so-called normalcy, you may’ve repressed an urge for exploration, experimentation and exotic influences, a hankering for which now surfaces. The Moon-Jupiter conjunct now shows you platforms from which to seek out new horizons. And trust: Loved ones are all for you busting out and pursuing singular dreams. They are mighty forces who come to your aid.


Playing by the rules and embracing certain orthodoxy now furthers even your most maverick agendas. A Venus-Mercury sextile provides poise to clearly communicate ideas in a group setting. You exude finesse in fielding questions and challenges that have typically frustrated you. Let charisma be your guide. Pouring on the charm isn’t disingenuous, it’s smart and it comes naturally now, making requisite dog-and-pony shows less a slog. By Saturday, you’re sending out romantic signals, consciously or not.


You go to extremes, stretching beyond usual safety zones, creatively and socially, then diving deeper into meditative solo time. What you don’t have room for in your life is vague interactions or entertainments. Aquarians everywhere are canceling cable, ditching social networking and otherwise embracing Luddite modes of personal evolution. Uranus conjunct the Sun inspires radical changes in lifestyle, characterized by an eschewing of bourgeois trappings. You laugh in the face of quiet desperation. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha.


Mars opposing Neptune aesthetically motivates you. The artists among you are inspired to new heights, while all Fish find ugly truths intolerable. Inequality is ever anathema to your empathetic ways, and you now stamp it out. Appearances are a priority, even in love. But beware of treating others like ornaments. And don’t be dazzled into deals that look good on the surface. Dig? You possess the power of appreciation in all senses of the word. Size up every situation, and find beauty in all things, not just the pretty young ones.

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