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Week of March 11-17 2012

Born This Week: Diane Arbus   March 14, 1923

"We refer to Pisces as the Everywoman of the Zodiac...the last sign, and the 12th house it rules, is said to be an amalgamation of all the signs and houses that come before it. "

We refer to Pisces as the Everywoman of the Zodiac. Her ruler Neptune’s trident symbol represents the triple goddess (or the triple phallus it takes to metaphorically mate with her). The last sign, and the 12th house it rules, is said to be an amalgamation of all the signs and houses that come before it. Makes sense: Pisces is the mutable-water sign, which connotes a primordial soup from whence all comes and to which all must return. So really, Pisces woman is more than a paradox—she has an overriding tertiary nature that encompasses all her ever-changing self. The first face Pisces shows you might be rather prissy, modest, like her archetype Aphrodite on a half shell, covering her lady parts, as she emerges from the sea-foam.  Think of the character Charlotte, a quintessential Fish,  in “Sex and the City” played by Pisces Kirstin Davis, a prude until proven otherwise. Many Pisces women begin their lives in ivory towers (like the Pisces literary archetypes Blancefleur or Blanche Dubois) only to bust out and ultimately embrace their primordial oozing nature. The twelfth house rules that which we do not see, whether it be invisible, ugly, forgotten, disenfranchised, marginalized or purposely hidden enclaves of society or of ourselves. Pisces women have a fascination with what’s kept behind the veil, and, in the end, they are the champions of bringing shocking or repressed elements of humanity out of the shadows, whether via art, politics or philanthropic action, being prisses no more. Anaïs Nin and Gloria Vanderbilt wax erotic. Jennifer Love Hewitt bedazzles her vulva. Ruth Bader Ginsburg decides with the downtrodden. Elizabeth Taylor and Sharon Stone embrace an epidemic. Nina Simone isn’t about to be non-violent, honey. Erykah Badu bears all in protest song. Patty Hearst trades fancy for fatigues. Harriet Tubman railroads oppressors. Edna St. Vincent Millay poesies, feminizes and freely loves. Diane Arbus flips over the underside of humanity.

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It’s time to recreate, in every sense of the word. Mars grand-trining Venus-Jupiter and Pluto turns grand delusions into reality. You should refresh mind and spirit with simple tasks and pleasures, instead of taxing it with posturing, puffery and sycophantic plots. Not to say you shouldn’t continue to aspire. Just do so from inner yearnings, not from what you think will garner attention. Mars gets creative juices flowing, urging you to make or do something tangible, like finishing a half-baked opus or giant art installation.


Power of concentration is at its peak with Venus and Jupiter conjunct, percolating grains of ideas into practicable projects. You must, however, approach work from a more gut level. There is a need to humanize plans that work on paper, in the abstract, but lack touchy-feely elements in actuality. Opening doors of business, getting to know people you work with, or customers you seek to nurture, is crucial for success. Playing hard to get masks your fear of intimacy.  All the more reason to make a few one-on-one dates.


You shine in expressions of diplomacy and charm. But keep it real. Pursed-lipped shows of affection or admiration get you labeled insincere. Talent, of which you have boatloads, is half the recipe for fulfillment. Employ humility and be a team player in situations that typically inspire your Tinkerbell scowls. Retrograde Mercury conjunct Uranus says you can right professional/personal wrongs. Grab extended olive branches. And spark some peace pipes by admitting that having avoided estranged loved ones hurt more than healed.


You’re endowed with laser-ability to cut through foggy situations and get to the bottom of what ails systems and relationships that’re just limping along. Though credited with an infomaniacal knack to manage minutiae down to every detail, you’re quietly nurturing your higher mind, as the Jupiter-Venus conjunct expands perception. It’s now clear that you need a belief system you can count, if not bank, on. Ramping spiritual practices makes you a calmer, more coherent commodity in whatever market you strut your stuff.


The universe wants answers regarding property investment, relocation, or both. The Sun trining the Scorpio Moon, Monday, gives you the chutzpah to verbalize self-concerns in feeling polarized between personal comfort and professional promise. The stars say you can have it all. It requires being adaptable and willing to go the extra mile (often literally) to bridge business and an ideal design for living. Children or those acting as such will tug at heart or apron stings. Or are they just pulling your chain with codependent demands?


There’s no resisting your directing/delegating responsibility, as retrograde Mercury conjunct Uranus. In turn, you must dedicate efforts to doing as much good for as many people as possible. Of all signs, Virgo is now most involved in charity, beginning you know where. You demand little more than a winning attitude from loved ones. So long as they accentuate the positive, you back ‘em wholeheartedly. Regardless of any outcome? Well, do remember that Yes isn’t just an expression of affirmation, it is also one of acceptance.

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As skittish as you can be, you tap into a new confidence and ease now. No need to act cool. You personify it. Retrograde Mercury conjunct Uranus prescribes addressing personal and artistic illusions, while healing lingering relationship issues. Put talents to the test, showing others what you’ve got to give. You can make a living off your gifts, being the most productive babe, with the most functional bonds, on the astrological block. Super achievement takes sweat, which you no longer have for the small stuff.


You now exhibit expertise despite any fringe elite questioning your value or vision. Still, expect to perform a juggling act, balancing others’ needs with your own. Mars grand-trining Pluto and a Venus/Jupiter mashup fuels pioneering efforts, as you continue to carve out a clear identity within your chosen field(s). Mercury retrograde seems to slow down time, helping you maintain a spiritual center and to avoid mentally racing ahead or succumbing to anxiety or fatigue. All your irons on the fire bear the brand of success.


You wonder whether to remain in the safety of the status quo or to plot a new course that entails drastic life changes. We prescribe the latter. The Venus-Jupiter conjunct illuminates the ways you’ve kept far-reaching success at bay. It’s over-simplifying to say romantic or familial bonds are to blame, since it was right to devote to them. But it’s time to stand on the shoulders of loved ones to further singular aims. Retrograde Mercury dismantles real or metaphoric structures that once protected but now imprison you.


A sort of rebirth is in the stars as Pluto grand-trines Mars and a Venus-Jupiter mashup, signaling psychological transformation. As you know, old habits die hard. And though your instinct is to curtail unhealthy actions, expect a few extinction bursts—explosions of bad behavior en route to eradicating it. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts. Meanwhile, real-magical thinking settles in. Believing is seeing how you lifted yourself up from so-called ruin and how a string of extraordinary instances now makes up your daily routine.

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You can swim in a sea of unrequited feelings and regret, or you can pass over them, as if in a glass-bottomed boat, observant but unscathed. Retrograde Mercury conjunct Uranus gives you emotional space to channel inky feelings into vividly creative expressions of personality. Your style, speech and mannerisms may wax darkly superior as a result. Planet moves deepen your artistic voice as they sharpen your tongue in business to the point of dominating in deal making, verbalizing reasonable stipulations others can meet.


Patience is no longer a virtue when dealing with those who fall short on deliverables. With Mars opposing your ruler Neptune, you can’t stand on ceremony in demanding your due. And if overpromisers can’t put up, then feel free to cut off of such associations. By the same token, you can’t hide from those to whom you’ve made moral or monetary pledges. Leading with the thought “what’s in it for me?” shuts off the possibility of unseen opportunities. Acting on generous instincts avails you of chance, choice benefits.

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