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February 5th through 11th, 2012

BORN THIS WEEK   Laura Dern (February 10, 1967)

Aquarius, and the Eleventh House it rules, represents evolutionary energy, which people of this sun-sign personify. Last week, we rattled off a list of avant-gardist men. This week, we are looking at Aquarians who are both ahead of the curve and eligible for a gym membership at Curves. A list of big-headed break-through Waterbearer babes who rewrote the rules includes Rosa Parks, Virginia Woolf, Yoko Ono, Ida Lupino, Colette, Ayn Rand, Betty Friedan, Susan B. Anthony, Gertrude Stein, Germaine Greer, Helen Gurley Brown and Corazon Aquino. If male Waterbearers are all John the Baptists, lost in their revelations, then Aquarius women, like Salome, are revelations themselves. Not to say that this far-out sign doesn’t boast its share of bubble-heads or smart ladies who know how to play so—Carol Channing, Zsa Zsa and Eva Gabor, Paris Hilton, Vanna White, Portia DeRossi, Heather Graham, Emma Bunton, Jennifer Aniston, and Tina Louise,  to name a slew. And Laura Dern’s beyond genius, compassionate space-cadet character on “Enlightened” packs a one-two punch that constitutes the kind of Aquarian typecasting we applaud.


"If male Waterbearers are all John the Baptists, lost in their revelations, then Aquarius women, like Salome, are revelations themselves."


Introspection is in order to address certain excesses, making strides to temper them. With Venus conjunct Uranus you first stick to the story that “hell is others”, convinced that isolation is the salve for stresses. But by Tuesday, the Full Moon gets you thinking that perhaps the distress call is coming from inside the house. Unlike similar realizations in the past, this a-ha moment doesn’t inspire dread but enthusiasm. You are so ready to spill your guts, creatively, instead of drinks or metaphorical milk you finally stop crying over.


Though your ability to realize singular goals is to be applauded, Venus entering Aries urges you to take others’ input more seriously. It would be refreshing to hear friends say you’re a good listener. And playing second fiddle, or co-starring on a work project, is not only a preferred paradigm for making bank and winning praise: It provides opportunity to explore the benefits of a B-type personality—a slower pulse, more books and movies, fewer incarcerations. Also expect a new wave of tenderness to hit home, emotionally.


In business, you have renewed appreciation for those below and above you on ye olde  ladder of success. And you’ve no time for bs, whether encountering or shoveling it. Saturn retrograde by Tuesday says you’ve lessons to learn. Mad creative skills require development—complacency becomes a killer. Also, don’t worry about bringing others along for the ride toward success. Intentionally or not, they can sandbag it. Venus square Pluto by Saturday urges healthy detachment from siblings and other strangers.

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The Moon opposing Pluto causes your mind to wander and alight on serious alterations you must make to your life. Moving house is an instinct worth pursuing, as is cementing or redefining your career role. Here, it seems you do the work, but don’t have the perks that go along with it. Wait to verbalize thoughts until Venus enters Aries, Wednesday, when you speak with authority and distinction, and it’s near impossible to refuse you. Relationship imbalances also come to light. Power must be equalized or shut down.


With the Leo Full Moon this week, you’re all intuition, taking situations in like a sponge, biding your time and weighing all options. You reveal nothing, nor should you; while others can’t help but confess secrets to you. Still, you mustn’t jump to conclusions, as appearances are deceiving. You know if someone’s hiding something, but can miss the mark as to why. Expect the best, financially, but prepare for the worst. Doing so heads off stress at the pass. In love, you can now better articulate feelings you’ve been stewing.


You are now wont to indulge harmless interests—some may call them vices—that have pursued you since childhood. Competition is one such drug you cannot resist. But Venus conjunct Uranus highlights your subversive moves and illustrates how not playing fair equals a lack of faith in natural abundance. A vision of the universe as a barren landscape is a self-fulfilling prophecy. While fortune smiles on those who give and thus embody the notion that there is more than enough bounty to go around. No more being a sore winner!


With Saturn retrograde in your sign it’s actually a good time to get to the bottom of nagging mind-body issues. Just as you manifest mental unrest, you can rid yourself of much of it through visualizing aches and pains lifting, evaporating or dematerializing. Areas of weakness can be strengthen by the I-magi-nation, sewing up so-called damage with ethereal golden threads. Try it. In the seen world, the Full Leo Moon, Tuesday,  puts you at the head of a group of motivated indies, or sets you on a solo path they will follow.

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Uranus conjuncts Venus in the part of your chart that governs both artistry and love. Observe how creativity peaks just as things heat up, romantically.  And how amorous you become when courtship with the muses is going strong. The key to success in either arena, now, entails keeping a foothold in innocence. Don’t give in to the knee-jerk notion that sex sells, or that you need to rush things in a new relationship. An existing bond also benefits from revisiting guileless pleasures like hand-holding or doing it in an elevator.


The Saturn-Jupiter opposition blends your need for excitement and routine into ritualized experiences that empower you. You no longer don’t need rebel against tradition, nor have insane expectations that those with institutionalized behavior will suddenly show latent humanity. If anything, you watch with bemused detachment as interpersonal dramedy unfolds on the career front, wistful, but so grateful, that you’re not the cockeyed optimist of yore. You’re too busy scoring maverick success in spite of mediocrity.


Making career strides, you inspire confidence and more than a bit of envy. Stop and smell the milestones before mentally grabbing at what’s next.  By the same token, don’t hock your house to fund a self-celebration. Saturn retrograde by Tuesday is designed to keep you middle-grounded. Highs are just as dicey as lows when it comes to emotional life. External circumstance should have no real bearing on the weather within—which is mostly sunny with a chance of precipitation, that is to say, a speeding up of your efforts.

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Senses are working overtime—a remedy for living too much in your head. Now is about indulging your body. You may even be too rigid with exercise and in need of delighting appetites. Uranus conjunct Venus calls for new expressions that run counter to the must-do/must-have loop in your brain. Leave open-ended hours for venturing forth and seeing what happens. Just say yes to anything on offer that provides natural stimulation. And embrace your inner Luddite, when possible, unplugging any gadget invented after 1972.


The Full Moon on Tuesday spotlights the fact that others invested hope in your wild promises and expect you to deliver. Your challenge is to not just follow through, but to do so without martyr routines or mildly bitching about it. What you think about other people is none of their business. Telegraphing your thoughts and emotions doesn’t have the desired effect of expressing a sense of importance. It makes you seem needy and a bit neurotic, if anything. Being true to your word magnetizes that much more fortune to you.

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