By Starsky + Cox

January 1-7, 2012

BORN THIS WEEK Mel Gibson (January 3, 1956)

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn whose energy is restrictive and conservative. That can be a good thing though it often manifests all too literally in men of the sign, via their political ideology and religious dogma. Capricorn is cardinal-earth—think of a mountain—and Goat guys feel “called,” like Moses, to lay down a bunch of laws. (Capricorn may adhere to guidelines because he feels inwardly chaotic). Saturn is the planet of tradition and the old-guard, which explains Mel Gibson’s old-testament views, of women, especially. Yet, Capricorn men may be caught breaking laws, toppling from that mountain. Saturn is named for the deposed king of the gods and Cap guys can experience drastic personal falls. Jim Bakker, Richard Nixon, J. Edgar Hoover, Rush Limbaugh, Cardinal O’Connor, Tiger Woods, Josef Stalin, Howard Stern are all Capricorns. Oh, and Phil Spector with that sick Moses post-Sinai hairdo.

"Saturn is the planet of tradition and the old-guard, which explains Mel Gibson's old-testament views, of women, especially. "


Stick to your principles, particularly as regards partnerships, deals and contracts. Now is not a time for you to suddenly learn to compromise. With Mercury square Mars, any resistance or flack you face strengthens your resolve to achieve singular objectives; and, in standing firm, you receive cosmic assists in the form of new allies and opportunities to realize your noblest visions. Venus conjunct Neptune, by Saturday, says a bond with a bud of the opposite sex could bloom nicely into a biz partnership fusing twin ideologies.


You’re on a tear, getting your routine working like a well-oiled machine. With your ruler Venus now unaspected, you feel emotions bubbling to the surface. You’re subconsciously putting environment in order before facing a flood of inner commotion. Some material holdings may slip away, but letting them go spells freedom. If a situation feels like a struggle, seek its dissolution. Pluto conjunct Mercury, by Saturday, suggests that career progress entails deviating from the norm. It’s time to specialize or offshoot on your own.


Mercury now trine the Moon puts you in a sort of daze. Sensual recollections preoccupy you in the day, while your nightly reveries become increasingly vivid, providing clues to psychological puzzles, as well as inspiration for creative projects. Meanwhile, the Sun conjunct Pluto conspires to raise self-esteem and the status others afford you—they are one and the same. Contempt you’ve had for those you label “success stories” has been a projection of inferiority feelings. Now you are inspired, not intimated, by fellow winners.


The Moon trine Mercury calls for fast-talking and snap decisions. And don’t be surprised if you have to suddenly schedule a series of quick trips. Last week’s obstacles are mild impediments now, whether they be a busted car or a broken heart. Your love life takes a marked turn for the better as Venus sextiles Mercury by Thursday. Dream dates come knocking and undemonstrative mates mount shows of affection. Angst over deals, budgets or contracts are for naught. When it comes to biz, you’re a warrior not a worrier.

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With Jupiter and Saturn in a stand-off, you feel you’re being grilled by suspicious minds. But appearances are deceiving. This may be part of a vetting process aimed at heaping increased power on your plate. Mercury square Mars then Uranus provides the emotional detachment you need in order to see, once and for all, actually, that nothing is personal. Though financial stakes are high with potential projects in the pipeline, you’re charting getaways. Before you go, make amends to those you lashed out at for no good reason.


Moving and shaking is in the stars. So loosen the purse strings to spiff up a bit. And go for quality goods. Consider it an investment in your future. As Pluto conjuncts the Sun, pull out all stops to wow those who’ve got what you want and are in a position to give it to you. Especially investment money. It’s time to play with the big girls. And despite trepidation, you’ll discover how suited you are to high-stakes wheeling and dealing.  The more material-worldly you wax in public, the more spiritually focused you are in private.


You suddenly have more work, social opportunities and loving attention than you can shake a stick at. While leaner times of late taught you to be less picky, now you’re being schooled in the art of discernment. Do not fear employing the power of No. The trick is to decline offers without completely closing doors on those you shoot down, for now. The Sun and Pluto team up to plop you atop a pedestal, making you a guru to groupies and grand delusionists who think your good fortune can be theirs by osmosis. As if.

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Mercury square Mars makes you anything but judicious in expressing your opinions. And you don’t exactly soft-pedal when reporting bad news. To be sure, a bit of resentment may be at the root of releasing your steely statements. Perhaps if you felt more sanguine in your personal life, you wouldn’t be quite so good at telling others what you know they don’t want to hear. So button your lip when you can. Take stock of how rosy you have it, despite the fact life isn’t perfect. This should see you revel, alone, in other’s good fortune.


Now is not to question why you are so happy. The issue is why you feel the other shoe must drop on your parade? Past patterns are just that. And you vanquish fear by being unabashedly joyful. Any bad that happens won’t be a direct result thereof. The Sun-Pluto conjunct triggers unexpected realizations, like: You may be tied to certain people only because you feel they need you. Not only is this probably not true. It also doesn’t make you a savior. In fact it may be a bit patronizing. And an excuse for not fostering yourself.


With Venus now fast and loose, a financial opportunity may be riskier than it appears. So avoid forking over money. Be mindful, too, of the words you employ—they have wings, so keep them positive—and if you feel you’ve spoken out of turn or even slightly slighted someone, swoop back in to do damage control. If your intentions aren’t bad, a misunderstanding can be headed off at the pass. If intentions were less than pure, make amends to avoid quakes in your social landscape. To utter is human, to shut it, divine.

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Get the show on the road. For some, this is a literal statement, as you must now dog and pony talents and wares to some corner of the world. For others, inner journeying is in the stars. With the Sun conjunct Pluto you go deeper into intellectual, philosophical, even metaphysical study. Inhaling the scent of books, your digits smudged with newly printed course catalogs, you may harken to a true calling for higher education. And those who had to travel to Zagreb to heed this wee voice inside will consider it well worth the trip.


Expect an adjustment period. Saturn opposing Jupiter makes life extra tetchy as you piece the past together with your notion of the future. Old routines and relationships factor heavily. And, upon revisitation, it can shock to discover how much you’ve changed. You’re tempted to rely on default behavior—Pisces escapism—but isolation is dicey for many reasons others need never know. So let’s put it this way, you’ve committed to projects and people who respect your autonomy because you never fail to come through.

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