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December 25-31 2011

BORN THIS WEEK Mary Tyler Moore (December 29, 1936)

The opposite of a bimbo, Capricorn woman demands to be taken seriously. Whether projecting a regal image, or adopting a studious Marian-the-Librarian air, she can come across as haughty in public no matter how naughty she is in private. Even as sex-symbols, Capricorns aren’t toys but powerful figures who, often quite literally, wear the pants. A list of Capricorn women includes many a fashionable drag king from Annie Lennox to Marlene Dietrich to Diane Keaton to Sissy Spacek to Marianne Faithful to Patti Smith to Paula Poundstone to our resplendent birthday girl Mary Tyler Moore who, despite her good-wifey image on “The Dick Van Dyke Show” fought the network suits to be able to wear her signature Capri pants as only an iconic Capricorn woman can. Hats off to her.

" Even as sex-symbols, Capricorns aren't toys but powerful figures who, often quite literally, wear the pants."


You gotta be cruel to be kind to save yourself and, ultimately, others any undue pain. The thrill of cutting some people loose notwithstanding, Jupiter direct, on Christmas, signifies that suffering so-called fools served its purposes. So before your karmic give-and-take meter strains in the wrong direction, give credit and compensation owed for advantages you took of those you’re prepping for the discard pile. Otherwise, the Sun square Uranus now says: the revenge of so-called nerds can be surprisingly swift and terrible.


Venus squaring Jupiter direct now says to deflect attention. If someone brags about a project, smile, nod and don’t one-up them. You could send notes or gifts to those who’ve been there for you in the past—some of whom you’d promised pay-backs you’ve yet to deliver? Venus unaspected for the rest of the week asks you to balance your will with your want. In short, be smart: If you want to endear yourself to people or entities for personal gain then bend your will to satisfying their needs, as fatuous as you feel they are.


With Mercury square Mars, you must strive for quiet composure, employing few words and meeting myriad obligations with decisive calm. Divining a middle ground in all things, you can mediate opposing factions and keep a temperate head. Not to mention partaking of untold pleasures without overindulging. You’ve had it with the emotional extremes of the recent past. Especially in relationships, you’re not so all or nothing. Mates are relieved to not have expectations for your every happiness heaped on them.

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There are benefits to entering a blue period. Underlying melancholy should motivate you to reunite with old chums and to revisit creative projects you may’ve prematurely put out to pasture. This rings true Monday, especially, when the Moon conjuncts Uranus. You can’t turn back time, but you can pick up the pieces. In so doing, you discover: you bring so much more to the table now then when you first made a go at ideas you shelved. A virtual poster child for fresh starts, you prove it’s never too late for timeless inspirations.


You’re bopping along, minding your own beeswax, when bam, you see an existing situation, one central to your life, for what it really is: not what it seemed for so long. With lovely Venus unaspected, illusions of those you’ve plopped onto pedestals shatter. Never mind the fact you experience one ah-a moment after another, thanks to Pluto now conjunct the Sun. Taken together, you’re on a quest to stamp out shady dealings, sending a crystal clear message: You’re an upright citizen who won’t let lofty principles slide.


Reality seems to blur as you experience a spate of synchronic, even mystical moments. This so-called “strange phenomena” isn’t so odd, really. In fact, once you get used to it, you may come to view it as symptomatic of underlying Truth: that life is miraculous, after all. It all starts with Mercury and Mars, both unaspected, until they square off this week. Life then has the quality of unfolding to your specifications. To harness this power for momentous good, repeat this mantra: I accept what is—I’m open to something better.


You may long for emotional rescue, and a financial lifeline thrown in for good measure. Venus orbiting untethered amps your need for belonging; but resist the urge to statically cling to the nearest warm body. When it comes to love and money, it is best to employ the law of attraction. But this is not the only cosmic law at work now. Mercury is a facilitator, urging you to clearly communicate needs so that you bring desired, not just any old, people and situations to you. Look in the mirror and tell yourself what you want.

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Uncharted territory beckons as you quest for new adventure. The cosmos expands your horizons, coaxing you out of the bondage of so-called security. The Moon T-squaring Jupiter and Saturn, on Monday, tells us big plans are, perhaps invisibly, underway and unfolding in a easy way. Don’t give in to knee-jerk fears of the unknown. They portray the shadow-side of the active faith you possess. Keep looking to the bright side. That’s where you’ll find the next clues you seek on this treasure hunt called your life. Passport handy?


You’re a magnet for goodness, attracting funds and support for those in need, turning situations golden with innovative ideas and abiding optimism. Yes, you’re reading the Sagittarius horoscope. Why? Does it sound too optimistic, even for you? Well weighty Saturn opposing your sanguine ruler Jupiter can have that effect. But it also structures your generous spirit so to create real mechanisms by which you direct assistance from haves to have-nots. And there’s an added twist: You truly want no credit for your actions.


With a number of creative career directions to take, you’re cautious making any move at all. But, in truth, all roads lead to where you want to go. The Christmas Capricorn Moon trines Mars, and as you step back from thoughts of work, intuition kicks in, and by Tuesday you’re clear exactly how to proceed. Here’s some advice: Make your skills, services or goods reassuringly expensive to insure you are sufficiently valued. Let those who can’t afford you live with that fact. You can’t sell yourself long enough for our taste.

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We typically warn against spreading yourself too thin, but now the old adage—the more you have to do the more you can do—rings truer than true. What felt like a hectic agenda last week morphs into a groovy multi-tasking dynamic that carries you through to New Year. Instead of trying to conserve energy to do it all, Jupiter direct says to give your all to it all. There is no law that says you can’t break records, win awards, score major deals, and achieve certain enlightenment, all in one week. In fact, this is exactly how it happens.


They say life is sweet, but we’ve always wondered: compared to what? One thing’s certain: Simple pleasures are highlighted now as Jupiter goes direct in Taurus, making default thinking enthusiastic. Creative interests and hobbies beckon, as working on them allows your mind to wander and gently alight on new goals and dreams emerging from the mist. The Pisces Moon conjuncts Uranus, Friday, turning dull routines into rituals that empower and sanctify your experience. That is, if they’re meant to remain part of the mix.

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